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"Common Entrepreneurship Obstacles and The What Ifs"

In becoming an unstoppable millionaire, you must absolutely provide value to the customers that you serve and  the best way that you can do that is to do one thing very, very well. In fact, no matter what your business is or does, you must always learn one thing well, and if you do that thing very well, you are sure to become quite rich.

Even when you are the best at what you, though, there will undoubtedly be some obstacles to be faced on the road ahead. All entrepreneurs face them, so the good news is that you’re not alone.
Some of the most common obstacles that you will face include:

  •  Risk: Starting any new endeavor will involve risk. But, as the saying goes, ‘no risk. No reward,’ There is always the more comfortable route of simply getting a basic job and nothing against those who do jobs. But those who are unstoppable know in their hearts that this isn’t the path you desire. The risk that you take will be well worth it in the long run. Breaking through the paradigm of knowing that risk is a part of being unstoppable in your journey of being unstoppable is key to growth.


  •  Self-Discipline: For many entrepreneurs, self-discipline is an obstacle – at least initially. This can especially be the case if you have always worked for someone else and are used to having a set schedule, with someone else telling you how to spend your time throughout the working day. You will no longer have someone telling what you should be doing or when you should do it. You will also have many distractions that compete for your time and attention – and unfortunately, many of these will not be profitable.

In order to overcome this obstacle, you must maintain a strict focus on your business each and every day. In doing so, set a schedule for yourself that includes certain production goals. As an example here,
set goals for making a certain number of calls or meeting a certain number of people. Then, once you have accomplished these, reward yourself.

  •  Self- confidence: Starting and successfully running a business means that you must have the belief that you can succeed-because if you do not, you are essentially going to fail. Therefore, you must think positive right from the start. By setting goals and remaining focused on those goals, you will be able to propel yourself forward. You must first believe in yourself in order to become unstoppable.


  • Time: Finding and managing the time that you need to get your endeavor up and running successfully are bound to be a challenge. No matter how much time you initially thought it would take, it is likely going to take a lot more! Even before your actually begin, it will be necessary to spend time planning and researching. Then, once you are up and running, you are likely to be working many more hours than you did as an employee at your job. At the end, we all have 24 hours in a day and how we use those hours effectively determines a lot about our productivity.

In overcoming the obstacles of time, it is important not to overextend yourself socially or professionally. Having a good system for time management will help. Going into your endeavor, know that you must do whatever it takes in order to become unstoppable. Having this mental attitude will help to propel you forward.

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is the reaction that we have sometimes when we know that we must do something, or when something is going to happen soon that we are not fully prepared for. Everyone experiences fear at one time or another. But unstoppable people are courageous and able to act. They have the confidence to move forward regardless how fearful they might be feeling.

In order to overcome your fears and remain focused on your journey forward toward success, you want to:


  • Remain Positive

  • Continue to learn

  • Give Up Excuses

  • Visualize Your Ultimate Success

  • Answer Your ‘What if’ Questions

  • Ask for Help when you need it

LETS DO THIS: Help with the ‘What lf’x

One of the most fear-inducing elements in a new entrepreneur’s life is the crop of ‘What if’ questions, such as ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ Or What if I run out of money’ In order to help relieve some of your fears here,
help yourself to realistically answer the questions. For example, while you’re starting your business, if you run info financial troubles, you could always get a part-time job in order to earn some extra money, or an investor
with the same vision to loan you the funds that you need. Getting an investor and utilizing their capital is a terminology we commonly refer to as using Other People’s Money (OPM) which we cover in great length in our wealth coaching.

List three ‘What-if’ questions below and the take some time to answer them realistically. Combine this activity with noting who you can turn to for help, if this ‘what-if’ arises. Many new business owners are too proud to
ask for assistance if or when they need it-but this can be a big mistake. When you run into challenges, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask. Let’s look at who you can turn to.

1. What if:

Then I Could turn to who to ask for help, advice, mentoring:


And, realistically, this is what could happen and how I could handle it: